Republic Services will be providing every residential customer with a brand new 95 gallon wheeled trash cart with attached lid. These new trash carts will be delivered to each residential customer during the final week of September. Republic Services trash pickup will be an automated side arm loader system not rear loaded by hand. This is safer for employees and prevents a lot of spillage of nasty liquids from carts on streets right in front of your homes. Each cart will have a serial number associated with the resident's address. This will assist both Republic Services and the City of Horseshoe Bay if the cart is ever lost, stolen or damaged. 
Current residential solid waste pickup days of Monday and Tuesday will remain the same for all City of Horseshoe Bay residents. All residential carts must be curbside by 7am on the designated service day. Please don’t put trash out when you believe the truck will be “coming by” as the schedules on your assigned day may change slightly within that day. All carts must have the lids completely closed to prevent any spillage of unwanted debris. Because Republic Services utilizes this automated side arm loader system, carts must also be placed not more than (3) feet from the edge of the street and away from mailboxes, posts, trees, automobiles, utility meters or boxes and not beneath low hanging tree limbs or wires. All trash must be placed in the 95-gallon cart too. If extra carts are needed, Republic Services can arrange to provide a second cart for an additional reduced fee.
Republic Services offers a “garage pickup” for those customers that are unable to wheel their new cart to the curb. For example, if you recently had a medical procedure like hip replacement or you are unsure of getting a large cart to the curb you may contact Shelly at or 830-598-9908 and Republic Services staff will get your cart from just outside your garage to the curb and back for you. This is an excellent customer service benefit. 
Bulk or large trash pickup service will be provided by Republic Services to the City of Horseshoe Bay every other Friday, beginning on Friday, October 7, 2016. Residents must contact Shelly and her staff at by 5 pm Wednesday, prior to the scheduled Friday bulk pickup. Bulk pickup will be capped at 3 Cu. yards per customer with a maximum of 25 customers scheduled during each every other Friday bulk pickup. If you have any questions about the new service changes, please contact Republic Services at 512-247-5647 and ask for Gary.


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